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Donut Papi

The Brief

I was approached by Ken from Donut Papi to create a range of clothing and accessories as a summer collection. I was super excited to jump into this project and I had a blast exploring some fun concepts and puns. Ken wanted the designs to embrace their Redfern location in Sydney, as well as showcasing their bright and colourful donut and shop fitout. 


A classic donut mascot with a cheeky little cap was a must for the collection. This would be the foundation graphic for the range. Next was the concept of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge transformed into the shape of a donut. Finally the cap design was a nod to the "#1" foam fingers but with stacked donuts on the finger, similar to what you would do with other "O" shaped food. The tote bag is probably my favourite piece of the range. The concept was inspired by supporting your local small business (or donut!) and really hit home due to NSW being in deep lockdowns at the time.


- Illustration

- Art Direction

- Graphic Design

- Merchandise Design

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