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Donut Papi

Art direction and merchandise design for Sydney's Donut Papi.


When I was asked to create a whole range of clothing and accessories for DP, I was super excited to jump into this project. I had a lot of fun with this one and played into some great concepts and puns.


First came the classic looking donut mascot with a cheeky little cap. This would be the foundation graphic of the range. Next I created the concept of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge but transformed it into a donut shape. Finally the cap is a nod to the "#1" foam fingers but I have stacked donuts on the finger, similar to what you would do with other "O" shaped food.

The tote bag is probably my most favourite piece of the range. I created this at the end of 2021 when NSW was deep in a lockdown. I wanted to bring the focus back to supporting your local small businesses as opposed to buying from food chains or bigger businesses.   

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