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hack of all trades, master of fun!

aidan is a naarm (melbourne) based creator, specialising in illustration, graphic design and everything else in between.


Need original illustrations for your upcoming project or merch drop? I specialise in creating unique and quirky illustrations that burst with character and colour.


graphic design

Are you after engaging, social media content or a fresh new logo for your brand? I've got all the shortcut commands down for your graphic design needs. 


Motion Design

Want a little extra movement to your designs? I specialise in creating simple and organic animations that can add a little something extra to your work.  

Oh hey!

My name is Aidan and I am a Naarm/Melbourne based Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I treat my work with the core intention of having fun and love to push the boundaries when it comes to design. My work is inspired by my daily observations of unusual and forgotten objects commonly found in op shops, to the janky and eclectic world of naive design. I enjoy finding a balance between following the rules of design to straight up breaking them where possible.


Working in the design industry since 2016, I have gained a wide array of skills that I continue to utilise in all aspects of my work. From 2d animation to bespoke illustration, there is no limit to what I can create. I thrive on collaboration and welcome any challenge with enthusiasm and curiosity. I want to push the boundaries of design while also inspiring others to do the same. There is always room for some fun!

To view more work, head to my Behance here.


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Lousy Show at BSIDE Gallery, Melbourne 2018

Planet Before Profit Show at Work-Shop, Melbourne 2019

RMXTV at Museum of Brisbane, 2021

Mutual Intent group exhibition hosted by The Third Quarter, The Design Conference, Brisbane Powerhouse, 2021

"A Himalayan benefit” hosted by Skate Nepal at The Zoo, Brisbane 2021

selected clients

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