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here for a fun time, not a boring time!

more than just an illustrator

aidan is a Meanjin (brisbane) based creator, specialising in illustration, graphic design and everything else in between.

Oh hey!

Aidan is a master of his craft and treats everything with a core intention of having fun! His illustrations are executed using simple line work and a strong colour palette. This modest execution allows the ideas behind his witty illustrations to speak loud and clear. He finds inspiration from daily observations of confectionary items to unusual and forgotten objects found in op shops.

Working in the design industry for the past five years, he has gained a wide array of skills that he utilises to produce fun and original work. Ranging from 2d animation to branding, there is no limit to what he can create. What Aidan thrives on the most is creating merchandise. This includes t-shirt graphics, caps, mugs, patches, and print media such as posters and zines. When he isn’t buried in a sketchbook, he enjoys keeping the creative juices flowing by spending afternoons on his skateboard or working on his other side projects.

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To view more work, head to my Behance here.



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- Lousy Show at BSIDE Gallery, Melbourne 2018

- Planet Before Profit Show at Work-Shop, Melbourne 2019

- RMXTV at Museum of Brisbane, 2021

- Mutual Intent group exhibition hosted by The Third Quarter, YETI Brisbane and The Design Conference, at Brisbane Powerhouse, 2021

- "A Himalayan benefit” hosted by Skate Nepal at The Zoo, Brisbane 2021

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HAVE a project in mind? hit me up here!

HAVE a project in mind? Let's Chat!

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