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Rad Stickers

The Brief

Rad Stickers are an Australian based online printing company who have supplied stickers to all corners of the globe since 2012. They specialise in making high-quality custom-made stickers for anyone wanting to make a lasting impression when advertising their brand or project. I've been using Rad Stickers ever since I started creating my own stickers, so I was stoked when they wanted me to create a limited edition sticker that would be included in orders as a freebie.


I was watching a whole heap of Steven Universe at the time and wanted to create a fun human face styled sticker that captured the essence of what is RAD! One of the first thoughts that came to mind was the cheesy extreme sports of the 70s/80s with their upturned caps and messy long hair. Check out some of the other sketches that didn't make the cut.


- Illustration

- Art Direction

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