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The Brief

PowerPlay is an app that provides users with a free way to save on energy when it's
cheaper and greener. Their mission is to enable the 70% of people who can't save with solar & batteries by engaging with the energy market to use more renewable energy.
The app is designed so customers can earn rewards by using energy when the market prices are cheaper and by avoiding peak periods. It also provides a way to use energy when the grid is full of solar and wind and help Australia's energy transition.

A full suite of illustrations were created, as well as a hero website banner and a T-Shirt design. The illustrations featured sun and earth characters throughout, as well as energy saving dishwashers and hands crushing bills with electricity. Designs were created to have slightly rough edges to give it a hand drawn look as well as incorporating a contemporary colour palette.


- Illustration

- Art Direction

- Graphic Design

- Merchandise Design

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