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Janky Font

Janky Font


Introducing Janky, a font that I quickly whipped up in about an hour. Minimal refinement, maximum fun!


Need something a little rougher around the edges? You're not going to find another font like janky, as each character is uniquely (and quickly) drawn by hand. Everyone else's fonts are better than this, but that doesn't mean that this font doesn't stink! 


Janky is an All Caps display font featuring two styles to work with; Regular and Inked. Regular is wonky with sharp edges and corners, while Inked is more blobby and organic looking.

What is included in your download:

- 2x OTF font files (regular and inked)
- Letters in all caps
- Numbers
- Most Punctuation
- Most common symbols
- Guaranteed not to break down!


Please note that this is a digital product and not a physical product.

Files will be in OTF format and will be installable into most apps like the Adobe Suite and Procreate.
You may use the fonts for commercial, non-profit or personal use. Not available for resale.

To view the font licensing information, click here.

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